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I have a friend who suffers from multiple health issues. He is physically disabled, and his family depends on only his wife's income. Their house was built in a way it must be accessed through a door five feet above the ground. There is a deck with stairs, but it is old, unstable, and falling apart. The stairs are almost more than he can manage, and he's been told it's only a matter of time before he will be in a wheelchair. The way the house, deck, and driveway are situated makes a ramp impossible. There just isn't enough space on the lot for a ramp, straight or switchback. I have designed a way to build a new, larger deck with an elevator of sorts. I will use an electric/hydraulic lift to accomplish this. I have the skills and the equipment to make this happen, but not enough money. The project requires concrete, carpentry, electrical, and excavation work. I am looking not only for financial help, but materials as well. Any tradesmen in the above-mentioned fields are certainly encouraged to come pitch in! If you're not in these fields, any help fetching and carrying is also welcome. My project is in Northern Georgia, a little town called Alto. I live in Indiana, about 500 miles away. I am going to get the lift, transport it to Alto, and build them a new deck. My friend deserves to be able to get in and out of his house, and his wife and kids need a safe deck and stairs to do the same. Please do what you can!


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